A base camp is a place set up to serve as a base of operations and starting point for an expended expedition, such as a mountain climb.

Base Camp Kids is for newborns through fifth graders with age appropriate teaching and activities. Base Camp Kids is where a child begins his or her lifelong journey of being a follower of Christ. Children build relationships with others their own age as well as trained leaders who serve as guides.

Base Camp Check-In and Security

A computer-based check-system that creates a name tag for the child and a security tag for the parents is utilized at both campuses. The child wears a name tag, which ensures he or she is in the right room and in the right group. It also alerts the leaders of any health needs and allergies. Parents use security tags at pick-up to ensure that kids go home with the correct adults.

base camp basics

  • base camp nursery

    birth through 35 months

    The youngest members of Base Camp Kids experience safe and nurturing care that is age appropriate. The infants learn they are unconditionally loved by God and the leaders. We don't mind a few tears and also know when it is time to call parents to provide only the comfort they can. Toddlers experience not only learning through play, but also basic Bible stories, music and simple projects. First friendships are formed here.

  • Base camp preschool

    3- to 5-year-olds and kindergartners

    Attention spans are increasing and the ability to be in a group develops with age so we incorporate this in the morning. These kids have a group Bible study, music and follow it with an application project. The large group, small group format begins to take shape in this age group. Take home sheets provide parents with a summary of the morning and at-home ideas.

  • base camp elementary

    1st through 5th graders

    The foundation has been set and now it is time to build on it as the elementary children continue on their journey. All elementary children begin together in a large group and experience worship and the Bible lesson. Then the kids move into small groups based on age and friendships where a small group leader applies the truth of the day specific to the group. Small groups are where the children build community. Take home sheets challenge the kids to apply what they learn.